The Leading Infrared Bodywrap System

Add the FIT Bodywrap® & Generate More Revenue

Up To 10 Times The Return On Investment* (ROI) Of Many Other Popular Services!

FIT Bodywrap® harnesses the power of infrared heat to give spas an innovative method to help their client’s look and feel great. This unique system delivers soothing and deeply penetrating infrared heat to the body to help your clients with detoxification, weight loss, skin rejuvenation, pain relief and relaxation.

Here’s why FIT Bodywrap® has become the industry standard infrared bodywrap spa service:


  • Sessions can be self-administered by the client or attended by a staff member.
  • During self-administered sessions you can concurrently administer other treatments.
  • Attract new clients by entering the multi-billion dollar weight loss industry.
  • Extremely high ROI.
  • Commercial grade equipment built to stand up to commercial use.
  • Extensive initial and on-going training and marketing support to help you every step of the way.


  • Proven results backed by clinical studies and numerous testimonials.
  • Head-to-toe coverage means even heating without cold zones.
  • Skin-adjacent heating means best results possible.
  • Multiple zones with individual, patient-controlled temperature settings.
  • Head and neck are outside the system in normal, room-temperature air to ensure maximum comfort.

*Individual results may vary by business


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